In the very distant future, probably in the year 2200, When future historians are studying the ancient society of the West, they will definitely marvel at a human activity that is gambling. Gambling is definitely a money-sucking activity that casinos offer. Casinos have definitely been huge news to a lot of people around the world.

There is a reason why casinos are illegal in most of the countries in the world. It is a huge money suck. Casinos have become awe-inspiring to millions of people around the world. They have been known to offer the best entertainment in the entire world. They are also filled to the brim with so many things that people absolutely love. In this guide, I’m going to be talking about some secrets that casino owners do not want you to know about. A lot of the secrets are about casino design.

1. Even though they build the casino for it, you should know that their entire goal is to suck money from. That is exactly how they keep the entire building running. They take a cut out of every single game that happens under the roof. The house edge is something that you should be very aware of, because it will have an advantage against you.

Casino Design

2. You should also consider the fact that the casinos are designed in a way that would make you want to stay in longer. There are no clocks, if you look around, so that you lose track of time.

3. They want you to lose sight of how much money you have lost as well, so they fill you up with alcoholic drinks which are free. They keep throwing these drinks at you, with the help of attractive waitresses and waiters.

4. I feel that you should also consider the fact that the slot machines have bright lights and very catchy sounds that are always playing. These two things are designed in a way that would affect the human mind.

5. Some games are definitely better than others. Some games give you a better chance at winning, while others suck the money out of your pocket. Even the most skilled player may lose, because of how horrible the odds are, depending on the game.


6. Some games are obviously designed to rip you off more than others. Your job is to understand which games are the ones for you. You should know your strengths and your weaknesses in a casino.

7. Another thing that is designed to trick you is the music that plays in a casino. They play music that will want to make you gamble more and more. Be vigilant.