The word ‘betting’ generally carries with it a plethora of negative connotations, referring to profit-seekers who desire to make a little money out of professional sports. Although betting and gambling have different meanings, in this context, they embody the same principles of capitalising on players and their performances. 

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  • Is Online Betting Illegal in India?

The answer to this question is – no, it is not. However, one needs to remember something before they start betting on online websites since the site or the company must be of foreign origin. Therefore, we seldom find government-sanctioned betting joints in public.  

  • The Rise of Sports Betting in India 

Over the past decade, the betting Victory111 industry has made a significant mark on the texture of sports. Statistics point out that there has been a massive increase in the number of newly registered clients and users on betting sites and apps, and this is primarily because it offers easy money – but only if one is willing to take the risk. Betting is no longer restricted to yacht clubs and racecourses; now, even kids can sign up and place bets as low as 20 bucks on players and teams and avail of that money if they get lucky enough. This is, of course, a major cause of worry, not only because betting can be addictive but also because it can lead to a significant decay in the enjoyment of the sport itself. 

Two held for cricket betting

  • Cricket Betting and its Consequences

Today, it is no small truth that cricket and football are the most famous sports enjoyed by Indian viewers. However, a spate of disgraceful incidents has kept the fame that this business deserves quite understated. Sports betting has often led to cases of spot-fixing, match-fixing, and so on. This severely kills the legacy of the game and earns it a bad name. To counter this disgrace, the sports betting industry has introduced legal fantasy games, where the players add points based on their performance, and users can suitably win competitions and money. 

  • Conclusion

The introduction of online betting websites and fantasy apps is at the core, just another addictive way to get people to view sports as just another avenue to capitalise on and make some money. Gone are the days of sitting down to watch a game of sports with nothing but a tub of hot popcorn, pizza, and cold drinks – instead, now there’s a constant headache regarding which player is doing well and why some other player isn’t. Sure, this may be an ethical way of restricting illegal gambling. Still, the question remains – when did a game of rollicking enjoyment turn into another mechanical way of profiting and capitalising? 

Whatever may be the result of this huge burgeoning sports betting structure, one thing is for sure, the popularity of sports, both globally as well as in India, is going nowhere. So the smart thing to do would be to switch on our TVs, but our team jerseys on, and spend the evening cheering for our favourites with our phones nowhere in sight.