Cipova Stoimosti

We recommend that you go through the points again … in order to make a conscious decision ….

1. What and how? Is everything clear about the goals and organization of the festival?
The festival is held both with the aim of saving Tsypov and as a training festival for the personal development of the participants.

2. Have you decided on the trainings and are you ready to fly?
By the way, you can just come to our camp without participating in the training program , but just relax and take part in the program to save Tsypov! In this case Registration fee remains the same !!!
Provided that you will not interfere with the training process in any way. Do not fry kebabs, do not make noise, do not drink alcohol, etc. This applies to everyone!

3. Agree with the Festa Rules? Basic moments!

1. You can get to the Festival by organizers’ transport, or you can do it yourself.
2. Meals are independent. But, perhaps, if there are a lot of people, the camp will have a camp pit, tea, coffee (not a freebie :).

4. Do you understand the payment questions? cm. Here .. . 5. Any Questions? Doubt? Call Yulia Malyutina or 079-815-110 , and she will answer all your questions 🙂 6. Now everything is very simple! Pack your backpack, tent … Positive Mood 🙂

and … we will be glad to see you among the active participants!

A special question – the participation of children in the festival?
1. Children under 3 years old for free!
2. Children under 14 years old 75% of the cost if they take a seat in the bus. But under the parental watchful eye :). There will be no playground!
3. Children can participate in trainings if they do not interfere with the rest of the participants, and this is specially discussed with the trainers. The cost of participation in the training-fest “Synergy”